Tahe Aviation, which has the most diverse private jet capacity in Turkey, allows you to determine your own schedule according to your needs and provides you ideal flight solutions with its professional and experienced team while you enjoy traveling safe and comfortable.

The rental process can be initiated by a simple phone call or by requesting an online contact form. After setting the right aircraft, according to the place you want to go, time and passenger capacity, some adjustments such as landing and overflight permits, airport ground services are made. These arrangements are very important because they can affect the flight directly, or even cause flight cancellation.

For all your private jet charter inquiries, Tahe Aviation provides the best private jet solutions and an advantage for its clients to receive all the information from a single source by bringing together the variety of aircraft in different capacities and ranges, especially adapted to the time and destination requested.

With the advantage of our high traffic volume, TAHE Aviation continues to provide luxury and efficient private travel services by offering rational and attractive offers to today's demanding business world requests.

With our professional management team and service quality, we are at your service 24/7.

You can reach us for all your private aircraft requests for your business and leisure trips, without any queues, time-saving, enjoyable flights.