Challenger 605

With its large cabin space and its goal to provide more comfort, more productivity and higher performance, CL 605 is one of the most preferred jets of its class. Our Challenger 605 jet, with its long flight range and 11 passenger capacity, is equipped with 8 comfortable seats, 1 office table and a 3-seat couch that can be converted into a bed at any time.

Challenger 605 Technicial Specifications

Manufacturing Year: 2008 Tail Number: TC-SAB Passenger Capacity: 11 Max. Distance: 7500 km.
Flying Duration: 8 Saat Cruising speed : 870 km/saat Cabin Length: 8.66 m. Cabin Height: 1.85 m. Cabin Width: 2.49 m.

Our aircrafts are equipped with hanger wardrobes both at the rear and front sections. You can place your baggage in this area and can have access to them at any moment of the flight. Challenger 605 baggage limit is 450 kg. The rear section is two staged; thus dimensions are given separately.

Left Sections Length: 81 cm. Height: 179 cm Length: 105 cm.
Right Sections Length: 81 cm. Height: 179 cm. Length: 105 cm.